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Finding cold plunges - and a cold plunge community - should be easy.
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Our mission: to have cold plunges be as common as hiking.

Natural cold plunges are in many peoples' backyards. Yet, they don't know they exist.

We're building a platform that gives you everything you need to know: where to park, water flow speed, water temperature, and more. So that you can easily explore to find your next favorite cold plunge.

We knew we wanted to plunge. But there was no easy way to find them.

We live in Portland, OR. An area that, within a 1-hour drive, likely has hundreds of natural cold plunge opportunities.

Yet, when we went online to find our next plunge, there was little to no information. No lists. No trail maps. No information about water temperature.


So we started building the ultimate cold plunge platform ourselves.

Joey Randazzo

I've experienced mental health obstacles such as depression and anxiety, including suicidal thoughts.

I have ulcerative colitis and other GI challenges.

Cold plunging and cold exposure has been a wonderful tool to work through some of these obstacles.

Shirtless Wim Hof hike alters my autoimmune condition: Ulcerative Colitis

Donny Osborn

You can’t outsmart the cold.

No amount of preparation will make the water any less cold.Cold water is cold water.

With each new plunge, you are forced to make peace with something you can’t control.

I like that challenge…

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We wanted to build something for both enthusiasts and toe-dippers

We wanted the platform to be approachable for both:

  • Enthusiasts who can stay in frigid water for minutes with total tranquility
  • Newcomers to the cold plunging community and have a hard time dipping your pinky toe

We wanted to build something for both dirt-seekers and luxury-dreamers

We wanted the platform to be approachable for both:

  • People looking for that indoor cold plunge at a luxury spa
  • People hoping to go deep in the woods, miles away from civilization

Plunging alone isn't the same as plunging together.

You're likely not alone in your desire to get into cold water.

We want to build a platform and community of cold-seekers who plunge together.

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